AquaMAX® 9000

DBS’s AquaMAX®9000 underground emulsion formulation is a site-sensitised, pumpable explosive suitable for both development and production blasting.

AquaMAX® 9000 has multifold benefits, including:

  • Only requires a single gassing agent, which reduces the possibility of generating NOx gas
  • Less fume generation and quicker re-entry times after blasting
  • Suitability for use in horizontal holes, as well as vertical upholes and downholes. 
  • Can be tailored to the mine’s requirements and has a critical diameter of 17 millimetres
  • Allows for decoupled loading of perimeter holes, eliminating the need for expensive  packaged products
  • Capable of loading upholes up to 102 millimetres in diameter
  • Proven and widely used in Scandinavia for over ten years in underground excavations, tunnelling and mining

AquaMAX®9000 TDS 

AquaMAX®9000 SDS 



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