Emulsion Manufacturing

We have extensive experience in manufacturing emulsion for blasting at mining operations. 

With access to ample quantities of domestic materials to supplement long-term procurement from imported sources, our raw materials supply is secure. It is further supported by our extensive storage facilities, which can accommodate in excess of 40,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. 

We strive to continually improve the capabilities of our emulsion manufacture technology. In collaboration with an international supplier, we have built – and own – two world best-practice plants, located at Savage River Mine in Tasmania and Collie in Western Australia. These plants use state-of-the-art technologies to control and continuously measure all aspects of emulsion mixing, with the ability to remotely monitor. We also have emulsion-manufacturing plants at Bajool Explosives Reserve in Central Queensland and Mt Thorley Industrial Estate in Singleton, New South Wales, where we produce our unique high-stability, low-fume-propensity, two-salt emulsion formulations. 

All facilities include quality-testing laboratories to ensure that the manufactured products meet the stringent DBS chemical compositions.