Open Cut Blasting and Explosive Services

As one of Australia’s leading open cut blasting contractors, we understand the importance of achieving excellent fragmentation results that optimise digability and production rates.

Our open cut blasting and explosives services range from bulk explosives delivery through to a total loading service, and anything in between.

Our modern, state-of-the-art delivery systems include a variety of different truck types to suit each client’s requirements. We have a range of bowl and bin trucks, which can deliver a range of products, and the latest technology MPUs from Tread Corporation, IEE and DGI. We also operate RAMS trucks, which deliver our range of products.

Down-the-hole service

Our down-the-hole service includes the manufacture, supply and delivery of bulk explosives and accessories. With a range of products and delivery systems to suit each operation’s requirements, we can offer clients flexibility in their blasting plans.

Total loading service

In addition to delivering bulk explosives, this service encompasses all the associated on-bench work required for a mine blast. This includes marking out the shot, measuring the depth of the blastholes, baiting and stemming the blastholes, tying in the shot, completing the pre- and post-blast guard duties and firing the shot.

Click here for a copy of our Open Cut Blasting Capability Statement.