Technical Blasting Services

Our in-house Technical Services team works closely with our clients to optimise their blasting performance. Comprising highly skilled and experienced blast engineers and chemists, our team provides a range of support services, from blast design and product advice to vibration and flyrock modelling in environmentally sensitive areas.

The team is responsible for driving innovation within our business, as well as monitoring and implementing advancements in blasting practices, such as the following.

Controlled blasting in environmentally sensitive areas

Controlled blasting near water dam

When tasked with the challenge of blasting 75 metres from the wall of a water dam, we developed a solution that ensured that the structural integrity of the dam was protected and the dam was safe in the event of blast-generated gases.

Following analysis and test blasts to determine the ground’s vibration attenuation, we fired two buffer rows to create a zone of fractured rock adjacent to the side of each production blast.
This created an effective filter for blast vibrations and gases, and ultimately enabled our client to continue developing their mine safely.

Recycled oil in blasting

In an industry first, we have developed a way to reprocess waste oil on site and use it as an alternative to diesel in blasting products. This means we can offer our clients a practical waste oil disposal solution that has spin-off environment and cost benefits.

In collaboration with CREATENERGYe, we developed an on-site reprocessing unit with the capacity to handle the total volume of waste oil from the pilot mine’s workshops. The unit’s processed oil underwent extensive laboratory and field testing at DBS facilities, and trial blasts of the product have proved that it performs in line with standard DBS products.

With waste oil volumes on mine sites typically amounting to hundreds of thousands of litres annually, this innovation helps reuse this waste, reducing transport-related GHG emissions and costs, as well as decreasing the amount of raw diesel required in explosives.

Technical Blasting Services
The reprocessing unit.