Underground Blasting and Explosive Services

Our proven track record in blasting combined with our leading-edge underground technology means we can offer underground blasting services that reduce operating expenses, minimise risk and improve productivity in both development and production charging.

Through our partnerships with European explosives manufacturer Forcit Explosives and underground equipment manufacturer Normet, we have brought a fully integrated underground charger – the Charmec LC 605 VE (C) – to the Australian market for the first time.

Proven to deal with the challenging conditions encountered in underground operations, the system has extremely accurate perimeter control with lace-loading capabilities.

For customers performing their own underground blasting, we also offer tailored customer-operated services to support in-house drill and blast teams. This includes the option of having our charging system retrofitted to the customer’s carrier, allowing them to reap the benefits of this leading technology at a reduced cost.

Supply service

Our supply service includes the manufacture, supply and delivery of bulk explosives using the state-of-the-art Charmec LC. Our underground emulsion formulation is a site-sensitised, pumpable emulsion that is suitable for use in horizontal holes, as well as vertical upholes and downholes.

Tailored customer-operated services

We offer flexibility in our contractual arrangements for clients performing their own blasting service, with options including the installation of a retrofitted charging system, hire of a Charmec LC, bulk explosives supply and operator training.

Total loading service

This service builds on our supply service to also incorporate all the associated underground charging operations and blast planning required to deliver a mine blast.

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