From the Farm to the Mine

Prior to joining Downer Blasting Service (DBS), Samantha Croyden was managing a cattle station with her husband in Central Queensland. When the opportunity came up for blast crew trainees in 2017, Sam knew she had to give it a go.

Fast forward to today, and Sam has completed her traineeship at Jellinbah Coal Mine and welcomed the permanent position on crew as a Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) operator.

When asked what she enjoys most about working for DBS, Sam explains that working in a team environment and learning new skills from an experienced crew has been very rewarding. While the transition to this job has presented some new challenges, such as leaving her kids at home during shift, Sam says that the upside is the quality time she spends with them when she returns home.

Sam also points out that the DBS crew have been very supportive in helping her understand and develop the required skills, making her feel like part of a team along the way.