We know that every mine site is different and that every customer has different needs. That’s why we work closely with our customers to produce the specialised products you require.

Open Cut

At DBS, we work closely with our open cut customers to provide a bulk product that is suited to your unique conditions. We utilise your expertise and understanding of your operation and couple it with our explosive know-how to deliver superior blasting result.

Open cut


DBS’ HEAT®9000 delivers significantly more energy than
other products in the market. It is a proven and tested Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion (ANE) formulation currently used in Scandinavia and Australia for underground development and production blasting.

Our specialised emulsion formulation utilises a single gassing chemical to produce a site-sensitised pumpable product with a full range of densities. This bulk product is suitable for use in a variety of applications and hole orientations, including vertical up-holes.


DBS’ unique ability to sensitise emulsion through a single gasser eliminates the need for multiple gassers to produce different in-hole densities as well as the requirement for an acid. This has several advantages including the reduction of chemical handling risks as well as procurement through the transport, storage and management.

This need for a single gassing chemical is unique to DBS and our formulation. We ensure consistent accuracy in the delivery of our products through the NorSmart control system which manages products sensitisation.

HEAT®9000, coupled with the specialised development charging system, allows unprecedented customisation of production and development charging.

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