We know that every mine site is different and that every customer has different needs. That’s why we work closely with our customers to produce the specialised products you require.

Our range of bulk products

Open Cut

At DBS, we work closely with our open cut customers to provide a bulk product that is suited to your unique conditions. We utilise your expertise and understanding of your operation and couple it with our explosive know-how to deliver superior blasting result.

Open cut


DBS’ HEAT®9000 delivers significantly more energy than
other products in the market. Our underground bulk product is a proven and tested ANE formulation currently used in Scandinavia and Australia for underground development and production blasting.



Our unique formulation requires a single gassing agent to vary the in-hole density which is managed via the on board CANBUS control system - providing customers with accuracy and repeatability. This unique single gasser ability eliminates the need for different gassers and the requirement for acid, making DBS’ formulation safer.

Our unique formulation coupled with our market leading charging system allows unprecedented customisation of development charging. The automated hose-handling system enables extremely accurate lace loading (decoupled charge loading), meaning the perimeter and easer holes can be loaded to the optimum Powder Factor ratio to control perimeter blasting. This completely eliminates packaged Perimeter products and the inflexibility of their application.

Production charging with HEAT®9000 is made easy via ‘pre- set’ options for different product densities and hole diameters. These options are selected by the Operator at the touch of a button from their natural work station.

The inherent accuracy of the ANE delivery system means the retention of delivered emulsion up-hole is second to none and designed uncharged collar lengths are attained accurately every time.

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