DBS have extensive experience in manufacturing emulsion for various blasting applications.

With access to quantities of domestic and imported materials, our raw materials supply provides our customers with a secure supply chain. This is further supported by our extensive security sensitive ammonium nitrate (SSAN) storage facilities, which can accommodate in excess of 20,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (AN).

Emulsion Manufacturing
Emulsion Manufacturing
Emulsion Manufacturing

We strive to continually improve the capabilities of our emulsion manufacture technology. In collaboration with an international supplier, we have built – and own – two world best-practice plants, located at Savage River Mine in Tasmania and Collie in Western Australia. Additionally, we manage a third emulsion plant for our client at Boddington Mine in Western Australia.

These plants use state-of-the-art technologies to control and continuously measure all aspects of emulsion mixing, with the ability to remotely monitor.

We also own emulsion-manufacturing plants at Bajool Explosives Reserve in Central Queensland and Mount Thorley Industrial Estate in Singleton, New South Wales, where we produce a unique high-stability, low-fume-propensity, dual-salt emulsion formulation.

All facilities include quality-testing laboratories to ensure that the manufactured products meet the stringent DBS chemical compositions.

Tolling Services

In addition to our standard emulsion manufacturing service, DBS is able to work with our customer to provide a flexible toll manufacturing services for emulsion. This service is suited to customers who have secured ammonium nitrate supply or are willing to manage the ammonium nitrate supply chain independently. DBS is able to manufacture our superior formulation with customer provided Ammonium Nitrate. This allows customers to access a market-leading emulsion and manage the procurement of ammonium nitrate in-house.

Technical and Safety Data Sheets

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