Our experience in operating and maintaining a diverse explosives delivery fleet enables DBS to provide our customers with full maintenance solutions that are second to none.

Initiation Systems
Initiation Systems

Intrinsic risks are associated with the delivery of bulk explosives. Through these risks, mobile processing units (MPUs) have advanced and feature several safety functions which prevent catastrophic failures. Incorrect or inadequate maintenance of MPUs may render these safety devices useless and inoperable leaving users at risk.

DBS’ experience and knowledge in operating and maintaining MPUs allows us to offer customers flexibility to optimise their operational model while ensuring the safety of personnel is not at risk. Consistent, safe and effective equipment performance is ensured through our centralised plant management system and the use of AMT, the world’s leading asset management software for mining equipment.

Through our industry leading maintenance practices, DBS offers integrated maintenance management and provides our customers with maximum reliability and safety while achieving the lowest-cost solutions to their mining requirements.

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