At DBS, we understand that every mine faces unique challenges and has differing expectations and needs from their explosive supplier. That is why we offer a flexible range of services and products which can be tailored to provide mining companies with exactly what they need.

Our proven track record in blasting combined with our leading edge underground technology means we can offer underground blasting services that are advanced, flexible and customer-focused.

DBS specialised high quality services deliver benefits by reducing operating expenses, minimising risk and improving productivity in both development and production charging.


DBS offers underground mines advanced, first-rate charging technology developed and continuously improved through our partnership with Scandinavian explosives manufacturer, Forcit, and market-leading underground equipment manufacturer, Normet.


We are committed to delivering superior results and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality equipment and services to deliver the best
results, in a safe and efficient manner.


We have vast experience in underground blasting and know that success will flow from creating positive relationships at all business levels, in conjunction with a flexible and tailored approach
to ensure the very best blasting solutions are provided to site.

Underground Services
Underground Services
Underground Services
Underground Services

Emulsion delivery systems

DBS understands that many of our customers prefer operating charging equipment themselves. We aim to provide a flexible service offering by supplying our integrated DBS Charmec and BOS with multiple support options around maintenance and training. This is made possible by our simple, user-friendly control system. It has been designed with significant input from charge-up operators, making it the easiest system to operate in the market.

We offer equipment designed for customer operation and can provide a complete MPU solution in our Integrated DBS Charmec. Alternatively, for customers seeking to outfit their existing carriers, we provide a DBS Bolt-on System (BOS) which can be retrofitted to customers’ existing Normet carriers. These systems use technology that caters for both the novice and highly experienced operator, and ensures the highest standards of quality control to deliver a consistently superior outcome each and every time.

Both our integrated DBS Charmec and BOS are purpose built for the challenging conditions encountered in underground charging and are fully equipped with development and production charging capabilities to provide increased versatility across your operation. Charging of each blast hole is digitally recorded and can be used for QA/QC analysis, technical reporting and safety investigations.

Most importantly, we build trust by delivering on our promises with excellence and understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with our customers.

Integrated DBS Charmec

Equipped with both production and development emulsion charging capabilities, the Integrated DBS Charmec is designed to deal with the harsh conditions encountered in underground charging operations. For over a decade, Normet has specifically manufactured the Charmec LC 605 VE (C) to fully integrate the Forcit emulsion delivery system. Now, through our partnership with Forcit, DBS has exclusive access to this technology in the Australian market.

DBS' Fully Integrate Charmec

DBS Bolt-on System

The BOS emulsion delivery system has the capacity for all underground development and production charging requirements. Designed and manufactured by Normet, the BOS is specifically designed for the customer’s operation and is able to be mounted onto Normet carriers ranging from 1614, MC 605, LC 605 and the MF series.

Our BOS is fitted with the same hose handling and control systems as our Integrated DBS Charmec, offering flexibility to your requirements with equally high accuracy and charging capability. The second control screen in the basket allows operators to control the system via a hand-held remote. This allows our customers to access the benefits of an Integrated DBS Charmec – like pre-set functions, pumping capabilities and automatic hose-handling – but mounted on their carrier.

DBS' Bolt on System (BOS)

Technical and Safety Data Sheets

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